Everybody came strapped with their canvas totes, ridiculously large rings from Etsy, and Doc Martens to the Collective’s Fall Vendor Fest. Held on one of the most beautiful days this fall, I feel sorry if you missed this event. 

Prints, upcycled clothing, clay art, jewelry, crystals and more—over a dozen vendors showed up selling their creations to attendees. My ankles were bleeding by the end of my shopping day from the Docs, but it was totally worth it. 

Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu

It would have been pretty awkward if everybody was shopping in silence, so we brought in some music, too. Networking, Kangaroo Court, and DJ Tarak all performed, and they killed it of course. Personally, I was told Grimes was set to make an appearance, but that’s neither here nor there. 

The Collective’s own Jenna brought her SagSunHealing Crystals to show off, which she often dug up on location with her boyfriend. Jenna, if you’re reading this, please send some rose quartz my way; it’s cuffing season… and let’s just say the crops are dry. 

Olly Greer came with some weird, amazing stuff. Clay eggs, sick embroidery, what else do you really need? 

Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu

ZOMBIE 666 was selling their screen printed and painted clothing; much of their work is upcycled to combat overconsumption of clothing goods and promote sustainable fashion. This vendor has amazing alternative clothing, and I felt my hair automatically teasing itself when I put on my shirt from them.

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere,” says attendee Tori Vela, “I went with some friends, and we liked how happy people were either looking at local vendors’ work or listening to the music.”

Vela even got a skirt from ZOMBIE 666’s store with hand painted teeth on the back. Gnarly. 

SHOPMISU showed their line of body washes, scrubs, and other bodily goodnesses. I hope the owner didn’t notice me constantly sniffing the yummy smelling products, but I was feigning. 

Everyone seemed to be having a great time enjoying one of the last warm days of the season paired with good music and the vendors. I wish you were there, and I hope to see you at the next one. 

A collective shoutout to all of our vendors: Candy Floss Beads, Callie Clinch, Chloe Sewee, Cosmic Enemy, Fleamarket Capitalist, Nataleigh Rix, Nyah Peaches, Olly Greer, SagSunHealing, Scrapeyards, SHOPMISU, Skye Made by Madeline Blair, Victor Avita, and ZOMBIE 666

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