The Igloo acted as site of The Collective’s first art gallery event since before Covid-era restrictions, and it was hosted in part by us here at The Collective and by Pizzicato the Dog (resident of the Igloo). The event featured live music, DJs, tarot readings, and—most importantly—a gallery of UIUC students’ art lit up in all of its glory. Hanging from the walls were photos, self-portraits, comics, and paintings on both paper and old signage, all coloring the upper loft of the Igloo with the impact of a beautiful set of creative UIUC minds. 

Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu
Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu

The gallery was also the Urbana debut performance of Ocean Child, a Chicago-native band composed of Marco Landaverde, CJ Belen, Ellie Belen, Jon Brown, and Julian Brookfield. Marco made the band’s music on his laptop over quarantine, sharpening his production and mixing skills. I asked what big takeaways the band had from their first performance in our lovely town, Urbana. Marco said, “For this show, we practiced a lot on our stage presence and movements, and it came off really well. It’s great to see us improve as performers,” and I have to agree. The emotion of the music at the event was made even more compelling by the gusto of the performers. 

Credit: Travis Newgren

All of this energy combined with the silently communicative gallery walls made for a fun, memorable night for everyone, little dog running around included.

See more photos of the wonderful exhibits below.

Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu
Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu
Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu

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