With in-person schooling back at UIUC, the Collective Magazine is back at it again with fun events!

To kick off the start of the school year, Collective’s first event was a collection of thifting goods at Caffe Paradiso! On September 23rd, 2021, the Collective members said goodbye to some of our most beloved items to reduce waste and recycle them at an event where any customer at Paradiso could come by to thrift. 

Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu

The event, from 1 to 4 PM in the afternoon, had a line forming even before the clock even hit 1 PM. In about twenty minutes, the students had swarmed the table and bought most of the clothes. By 2, only an hour into the event, only the $2 pile of clothes were left!

Credit: Francesca Dumitrescu

Thank you to all of the lovely supporters who came to Paradiso to participate in supporting our student-led, non-profit arts magazine! As well as helping recycle clothes and fight against fast fashion, the Thrift at ‘Diso was a successful event to help bolster the magazine’s funding as well as promote more sustainable habits in UIUC.

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