Episode 1: The Process of Life and Other Cool Jams, with Julia Morrison

This spring semester, her last at UIUC, Julia Morrison met with The Collective to discuss her life and artistry: what is natural for her, what is difficult for her, what does she think of Grimes and Elon Musk? She is in a season of life that feels full of possibilities after she graduates this spring—as much as it can be, considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. She has collaborated with The Collective since her journey at UIUC began her freshman year, so what better way than to close her last semester than delving into her process, life, and values with the same magazine? Julia creates art for people to watch and listen to, but also to help herself feel an euphoric liberation. By painting, writing, filming, editing, singing, dancing, and connecting with herself and others, Julia documents her process of life with her poetry, videos, and music. 

As someone who loves the realization that no one is really making you do anything, Julia uses her expression to contentedly fit herself amongst the stories of the fantastic people she meets on her adventures in Barcelona, New Orleans, and—of course—Urbana-Champaign. Next year, you will find her in New Orleans feeling its magic and writing songs about lovely people, in Costa Rica exploring its sustainability and becoming more proficient in Spanish, or in France becoming trilingual. As she often says, “It’ll be fine, it’ll all work out.”

Photo: Julia Morrison
Photo: Julia Morrison

Listen to Julia’s episode with our new podcast, Sounds Fair, here. Find her on Instagram at @juliakmorrison.

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